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About Us

About Us

WhiteCoder(Software Company)

WhiteCoder was established on September 28, 2018. It's a software development company.

  • Our vision and mission are to empower PAKISTAN through technology. I.T. when rightly employed leads to productivity improvements and prosperity at the individual, organizational, societal, National, and Global levels.
  • WhiteCoder has embarked on a business excellence initiative and is investing in developing competencies to deliver superior quality with total customer orientation.
  • Our Customer Policy is a simple one, Anticipate and exceed customer expectations through effective and timely delivery of industry-relevant products and services.

Pakistan’s IT industry has demonstrated positive growth trends for the last fourteen years with 100% growth in export earnings as the total annual revenue of Pakistan’s IT Industry is nearing $3.5 billion. We can take our industry to $4 billion per year through training.



Web Design

We have a very talented team which experts and which create professional web design and also create responsive sites.

Web Development

We use technologies for web development (asp.net, C#) and otherwise, we will use the technologies to suit your needs.

Web Application's

We do create a web application in (Asp.net, C#, MSSQL "For Database").

Desktop Application's

We do create desktop applications in (C#, Java, Vb.net) & for database, we use a (MySQL, xampp, MSSQL).

Android Application's

We have an experienced team of android development. We'll provide you afficient application and with attractive design.

Graphic Designing

We provide afficient and attractive design. We providing a many packges (Photo editing, video editing, Logo Designing etc).

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We are a team of talented designers making websites & development.

Hashmat Ali Khan

Founder | CEO | Software Developer | Web (Designer & Developer)

I'm the Founder of WhiteCoder (Software Company) and I'm Web developer and Desinger. I'm Software Developer (Desktop Application & Web Application)

Mughees Malik

Director | Software Developer | Web (Designer & Developer)

I am directer and developer of whitecoder and provied the services of web designing web development software Developer(Web Application).



Our Address

Choa Suidan Shah Dist: Chakwal Punjab Pakistan